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Do any of these statements describe your workplace or career journey?


  • You feel like you are getting squeezed out of your job or company altogether.
  • Your only goal at work is receiving your pay check every two weeks.
  • You show up at work and your anxiety level shoots up through the roof.
  • It seems your career search is never ending and you cannot seem to get noticed on LinkedIn or anywhere else.
  • Your career search makes you totally exhausted and you just feel like giving up.
  • As a leader, you're always asking yourself:
    • "How do I help my team improve process/production while also improving retention?"
    • "How do I better manage relationships across other departments?"


If any of this sounds like the world you live in, there is help!


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What Others Are Saying: 

"Donnie taught me the importance of excelling in an interview, making my follow-up unforgettable and self-confidence in salary negotiating and what I bring to a role. He has truly made a great difference in my life!"
Lynn Townsley
Manager, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA
"Donnie coaches executives, managers and CEO's to reach for higher levels than they ever imagined could be accomplished. His leadership coaching help me and he will help you to increase the success of your organization."
Michael Vance
President, Huntsville Independent Insurance Agency
"Donnie offered targeted advice and took the time to walk me through the development process. He drew my attention to and provided personalized feedback on things (Career S.W.O.T., Personal Marketing, Leadership Assessment) that I had not been aware of. I highly recommend Donnie."
Stephen Chemsak, EdD
Full Stack Developer, NOU Systems


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